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Illinois Carry

Illinois Carry

Illinois carry [dot] com is the best resource for Illinois right to carry news and updates.
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POSTED! Anti-Gun Directory

POSTED! Anti-Gun Directory

Crowdsourced directory of businesses who have posted No Guns signs. Fight back with your No Guns No Money cards!
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Your source for Illinois concealed carry news, training, gear, and more. Check out IllinoisCCW.org for up to date information.
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Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois State Rifle Association

Illininois firearms rights advocacy organization. Standing up for your 2nd Ammendment rights in Illinois.
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One Year of Concealed Carry in Illinois


In 2013 Illinois became the last state in the United States to allow the otherwise law abiding citizen to carry a concealed handgun.  Since the passage of concealed carry in Illinois, it has become the law of the land, and has been in effect for one year.  How has the landscape changed in Illinois? Is crime up/down, accidental shootings rampant? Or are citizens even going through the long expensive process set forth by a notoriously gun unfriendly administration?

January 2014 brought in nearly 35,000 applications from Illinois gun owners who wished to obtain their concealed carry license.  Training classes were hard to get into, the number of NRA and Illinois approved trainers swelled to meet the demand.  In the days and months since the numbers have dwindled to a few thousand applicants per month.  What does this mean for the future of Illinois concealed carry? The future is bright!

With the mad rush for initial applicant gone, many of the fly by night trainers are gone, leaving Illinois with a long bright future for Illinois’ concealed carry program.  Even though the expected numbers were not met, it comes as no surprise.  Illinois State police formed expectations so that funding could be estimated.  They excessively over estimated the number of applicants, by assuming all FOID card holders would apply within the first year.  This gross overstatement was by design to get them the facilities to be able to exceed the demand which was way under estimated for the previous FOID program.  FOID is regularly behind schedule and was never funded or expected to see the 2nd Amendment support from Illinois citizens.

Where does that leave us today? Illinois has over 90,000 lawful citizens who are carrying guns, Cook county leading the way with nearly 24,000 license holders.  While crime statistics are not in for 2014, no significant changes are expected to be the result of concealed carry.  With well below 1% of citizens licensed to carry, and many new to the way of life, changes are not likely in the short term.

Come spring 2015 the Illinois State police and Illinois trainers are getting ready for a surge of concealed carry applicants.  After all many don’t think about getting outside to the range during the cold Illinois winters.  The years to come will have much to bear with concealed carry.  While concealed carry in Illinois has just begun, it’s also facing other problems like crime reporting statistics.  Chicago police have been long suspected, and recently audited to have been cooking the books so to speak.  Hopefully armed citizens and accurate crime reporting will lead to real change in a state deeply divided on the topic of gun rights.

Gun Control vs Gun Rights in Illinois

rauner-winsAs Illinois politicians on both sides of the aisle start to make plans for the upcoming legislative season, both sides have high hopes.  Many have financial, budgetary, and job creation concerns, most readers here also have gun rights on the list.  Illinois has a tough uphill battle ahead, and gun rights may become a bargaining chip for the governor and his supporters.  Most will argue the state’s financial situation is the most pressing issue and deserves the most attention, so gun owners of Illinois should be sure their representation knows not to compromise on gun rights to forward their fiscal agenda.

Gun control supporters in Illinois have changed their agenda slightly with the election of Governor-elect Rauner.  The problem with their agenda is that they want to change Illinois gun control laws  to suit the urban Chicago anti-gun crowd, at the expense of the rest of the citizens of Illinois.  Gun rights in Illinois have long been suppressed beyond federal standards, and beyond gun rights in nearly all other states.  Gun rights activists like you blame the gun crimes in Chicago on this extreme approach to gun control.  The Chicago Police want the legislation to take care of the guns, problem being guns don’t break the law, gang members, murders, and other criminals do.

The gun control agenda for Illinois democrats is “simple common sense restrictions” on Illinois gun owners.  Notice the restrictions are on the gun owners, most of which are upstanding law abiding citizens, and not the criminals who use guns to commit violent crime.

1.  Gun control advocates will be making a push to license gun dealers, who are already licensed by the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (aka BATFE).  The federal government has setup standards for firearms qualifications, background checks, finger printing, record keeping, insurance, and security.  Why duplicate the effort of the federal government?  Enforce federal firearms licensee laws to prevent straw purchases, and sales to felons, and non-US citizens.

2.  Chicago Police want Illinois gun deals to document all gun sales at the point of sale level.  Federal regulations require a standardized form (4473) be filled out for each sale of firearms.  This form requires all pertinent buyers information for a background check.  Upon completion of the background check, the firearms details are documented including manufacturer, model, serial number, and caliber.  These records are required to be kept for a minimum of 20 years.

3.  Politicians want to further restrict firearms transfers, by increasing penalties.  Illinois citizens are already required to obtain a FOID card before purchasing firearms or ammunition.  When transferring firearms you are required to verify the FOID card using a Illinois State Police system.  Not doing so is a crime, but should it be a felony akin to violent crime, No.  Instead of unenforceable FOID verification, why not increase penalties on those who use guns to escalate crimes in Illinois.

4.  Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy wants penalties for failing to report lost of stolen firearms.  He says the current penalties are often ignored because they are insignificant.   This again sounds like an enforcement problem with his officers.  You shouldn’t be facing jail time for failing to file for a lost of stolen gun.

If Illinois and it’s citizens want to make Illinois a better place there is much work to be done in the years and decades to come.  Budgetary and fiscal concerns aside, gun rights in Illinois are still under fire.  With Bruce Rauner approaching the governors office, Illinois gun owners should be pushing for support in our own arena.

1.  Mandatory jail time for criminals who use firearms to intimidate or cause bodily harm during the commission of a felony.

2.  Amend concealed carry regulations to allow US citizens with a carry permit from another state to be allowed to carry in Illinois.

3.  Repeal the FOID Act.  It’s a misappropriation of Illinois State Police funds better spend on enforcement.  FOID was put into law to keep guns away from known gang members and criminals.  It’s a failure, and a burden on further crime enforcement.

4.  Amend concealed carry in restricted locations.  Allow known law abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms where not prohibited by federal law, and private property not marked with approved signage.

Illinois needs to strike a balance on gun rights which favor the good guys, and impede the bad guys.  No matter the legislation in place criminals are going to have access to firearms, we need to be prepared and trained for that occasion.  Illinois law enforcement are up against a unique force of bad guys, while gun control politicians are up against you and I.


GOP Claims Win in Election Results

raunerAfter all the ballots are cast the  election results are in, well mostly.  The GOP has claimed a majority in the US Senate, and House.  Also Republican governors are set to take seats in some notoriously blue states, most notable to us, Illinois.  Bruce Rauner is claiming victory in the Illinois governors race, but incumbent Quinn refuses to admit defeat till all ballots cast in yesterdays election are counted.

While the democrats struggle to let go of the governors office, Illinois also gained some conservative seats in the US House, but Dick Durbin was reelected as Senator.

For Illinois gun owners having a conservative supporter of concealed carry in the governor’s mansion is a cause for excitement and relief.  Many in the Illinois legislature are anxious to make changes to Illinois newly implemented concealed carry law.  Not to mention there is a pending lawsuit against Illinois concerning it’s discrimination against certain non-residents and recognizing their concealed carry permits.

The coming months and years are sure to see new firearms related bills in the news, and gun owners of Illinois are a step ahead with Bruce Rauner in the governors chair.

Vote Illinois, Vote!

voteToday is the day that US citizens turn out to vote!  It may not be a presidential election year, but an important midterm election to many.  This includes Illinois, as supporters of the 2nd Amendment we stand to gain or lose a lot of ground today!  Today is the day we must stand and represent ourselves and our families right to self defense.

We hope that all Americans will vote, but we know many will not.  Don’t let your voice go unheard, please go punch a ballot, or touchscreen, whatever it takes.  If you haven’t registered to vote, and can’t vote today, register for the the election in 2016.  Don’t put off letting your voice be heard any longer.  Many have stood up for your right to vote, don’t let me go to waste.

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