Alien Gear Holsters – Review

Before we get to far, does Alien Gear make a holster for your gun? Check their list, and leave a comment, let me know what gun they don’t have a holster for that you plan to carry.  The list is extensive, but do they have YOUR carry gun?

As CCL holders pop up all over Illinois, including many of you, concealed carry holsters are a hot topic.  The hybrid inside the waistband (IWB) has gained a firm hold on the industry.  They are known for being comfortable, effective, and expensive.  After all a good holster is worth it’s weight in gold, just ask someone who has been carrying for years.  Alien Gear holsters has entered the holster game, with their spin on the hybrid holster.


If you are interested in buying a hybrid holster please continue reading before making your purchase.

The Leather:  The leather backer on an Alien Gear holster is said to be 10-12 ounce, sweat proof leather.  It is heavier leather than on most hybrid holsters, is this a bad thing?  No, but I don’t feel like it adds much to the overall product.  In fact I feel like the break in time is longer because of the thicker leather, but in extended wear it will likely prove to be very durable (see warranty).

The Kydex:  The Kydex shell on a Alien Gear holster is top notch.  The Kydex is thick and well molded to the firearm.  The shell size is larger than I’m used to seeing, which helps in smoothing out sharp corners further concealing your firearm.  The larger shell also ensures easy re-holstering, even when the holster is adjusted to ride lower, or have severe cant.

The Hardware:  The shell is not permanently attached like in many hybrid holsters, this approach has supporters and detractors.  The shells is attached to the leather with Chicago style screws and rubber spacers.  This means you can replace your shell (see warranty), and adjust the retention of the holster with a few turns on a screwdriver.  Your Alien Gear holster rides on two steel clips that go over your belt.  These clips are black in color, and are large enough to accommodate all common belt sizes.

The Warranty:  Alien Gear stands proud behind their holsters with more than your typical lifetime warranty.  To start you can “test drive” an Alien Gear holster for 30 days, don’t like it?  They will buy it back, no questions, no hard feelings.  Decide to keep it?  Buy a new carry gun?  Yes, and of course yes, they will trade your Kydex shell for a shell that fits your new gun.  They want this holster to be the last one you’ll ever buy.  On top of all that, should your holster break or become defective, they will replace it for free, FOREVER.

The Price:  Alien Gear holster is going to start at 29.88.  I know what you are thinking, they are going to nickle and dime you for addons and accessories.  Here’s the deal, want your leather backer dyed black?  Add $5.00, same leather sweat proof leather, just dyed black.  That’s it you’ve got a great hybrid holster for a great price.

In conclusion if you have never owned a inside the waistband holster, Alien Gear is a great place to start.  The best part is, as a new CCL holder it might likely be the LAST holster you buy.  Been carrying for a while and have the infamous “holster drawer” put Alien Gear on the short list for a great inside the waistband holster.

PROS:  Made in America, built tough from good materials, awesome warranty, and a good price.

CONS:  Retention screws take some fiddling to get just right, reccomend some thread lock to keep them in place.

Own a Alien Gear holster? Plan to buy one?  Leave a comment and share your opinion with others.

3 Responses to Alien Gear Holsters – Review

  1. Bill says:

    Great review! I own this holster for my LC9 and love the multiple Cant positions, the quality is outstanding and incredibly comfortable. The price is great for a holster of this quality believe me as I researched many before making my decision.

  2. cjurczak says:

    Agreed Bill, I used to carrying small polymer pistols. But I got a Alien Gear for a 1911, I wouldn’t dream of carrying such a large/heavy pistol unless the Alien Gear holster delivered on it’s promises, and it does!

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