April Giveaway!

Defend Illinois [dot] com is excited to announce our first giveaway to Illinois gun owners.  Everyone who places an order with the coupon code “aliengear” in the month of April will receive 10% off and a chance to win a prize.  The winner will receive a FREE Alien Gear holster of their choice, and a T-shirt or additional kydex shell.  Second prize will be a Tannerite 1/4lb brick of four quarter pound exploding rifle targets.  Winner will be drawn May 1st, and notified via E-mail.


If you haven’t tried a IWB hybrid style holster Alien Gear is a great entry level holster for concealed carry.  They offer holsters for a huge list of gun, see if your’s is on the list?  What better than a nice holster for a great price? A nice holsters for FREE.  Alien Gear will also send you a T-shirt of your choice, or a second kydex shell for your holster!


Someone else will receive a brick of four 1/4 lb. Tannerite exploding rifle targets.  These “shot indicators” are great for long distance shooters who want to know when they hit the 10-ring.  But for most of us, they go BANG, and that’s just cool and fun.  These 1/4 lb. targets are a great way to spice up your range outing with your buddies.

Fine print: Each completed/paid order during the month of April in 2014 using the discount code “aliengear” will qualify.  Only one entry per household per contest will be accepted.  Winners are responsible for any applicable taxes, but shipping will be included in the prize value.  There is no minimum order value, and no purchase necessary to win.  Entries will be accepted via USPS postmarked during the month of April in 2014.  Contact defend Illinois [dot] com for mailing address, and further details.


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