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Peoria Avoids ISRA Lawsuit

peoria-city-councilPeoria city council avoided a possible lawsuit from the Illinois State Rifle Association.  Peoria had previously enacted a requirement that all handgun purchasers would be required to submit a thumbprint and signature to the seller and in turn law enforcement.  This requirement would go against certain parameters of the recent Illinois concealed carry legislation still taking hold in Illinois.

This put the ISRA lawsuit  in motion preparing legal recourse against this city ordinance.  Defendants were lined up, briefs were prepared, all before city attorneys advised the council.  Pressured by gun owners in Peoria, and threat of an expensive lawsuit, led council members to rethink the ordinance.

They voted to repeal the entire section containing the thumbprint requirement, which also further restricted handgun owners, and required redundant paperwork.  Ultimately Peoria gun owners voices were heard, and freedoms left intact after democracy took it’s course.

Illinois Being Sued for Over Restrictive Non-Resident CCL

lisa-madiganSecond Amendment Foundation, Illinois State Rifle Association, Illinois Carry, along with 10 out of state plaintiffs filed suit again Illinois.  The still new Illinois concealed carry license regulations unfairly discriminate against US citizens licensed to carry in their own state’s of residence.  The law states that the residents state’s regulations should be substantially similar to those of Illinois for recognition.  Only 4 other states have laws substantially similar to Illinois according to the Illinois State Police.

All of the defendants have qualified to carry a concealed weapon, including undergone numerous background checks.  Yet, since they live in a state whose laws don’t live up to those in Illinois, their right to self defense stops at the border.  We are talking about the border between two of the United States of America, not the border crossing between two sovereign nations.

The SAF is asking the courts for grant equal protection and due process for concealed carry holders without discrimination based on state of residence.  The state is using it’s strict concealed carry requirements to deny rights blindly with no other regard than where you live.

50 No Guns No Money Cards for $1

no-guns-scatteredIn an effort to raise awareness, and get No Guns No Money cards into as many hands as possible.  Defend Illinois [dot] com has decided to offer a special offer of 50 No Guns No Money cards for only $1.00!  Many like the idea of the cards, but haven’t felt the need to pull the trigger on a purchase.  This is an effort to motivate you to stand up for your right to self defense, and get cards of your own to hand out.

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***UPDATE – October 31st

This promotion has ended, but No Guns No Money cards are still available at the regular price.  If you missed this opportunity, don’t miss the next one, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to find out in the future.


Rahm Gets Restrictions on Gun Sales for Chicago

rahm-gun-salesRahm Emanuel’s proposed restrictions on gun sales in Chicago get approved unanimously without alteration.  Yesterday the city coucil ratified the laws which will all but eliminate gun sales in Chicago.  The restrictions include limiting sales to one per person per month, and no sales within 500 feet of a school or park.

One of the most visual restrictions is the requirement that all sales be video recorded, in an effort to prevent straw purchases.  Just watch your evening news, you’ll see crimes being committed on video tape.  The chances of a straw purchaser being intimidated by a video camera, are slim to none.  Chicago has long banned the sale of guns within the confines of the city, but gun violence remains.

Allowing the sale of legal weapons to law abiding citizens of Chicago should not be the concern.  Allowing the gangs to continue to profit from the trafficing of illegal guns should be a primary objective.

The laundry list of restrictions that have been enacted will certainly limit the number of firearms retailers to a mere few.  Chicago’s problem with violence in general is largely a result of the lower income residents, and the street gangs in some neighborhoods.

The hope is for Chicago residents to be able to obtain firearms, training, and the ability to protect themselves and their families.  The politicians and police in Chicago are not getting the job done, so it’s up to the residents to protect their right to life here in the United States.

Canadian Reporter on Chicago

canada-shooting-manhuntEarlier this month a 24 year old murderer killed three Canadian police officers.  This rare tragedy lead a Sun News reporter to look into similar murders in the US.  You ask what does this have to do with Illinois?  Your patience will be rewarded.

Sun News had taken a bold stand against the killer of those New Brunswick officers.  They have vowed NOT to report the identity of the criminal.  Even though other news outlets are reporting the name, Sun News will not give him the satisfaction.  Unfortunately, too often these kinds of crimes are done for attention, notoriety, or fame.  Sun News will not take part in giving a murder what he wants.

The reporter has an interesting view looking across the border into the US and the recent debate over mental illness, background checks, and gun rights.  According to the reporter, and the facts about mass shootings.  Mass murder in the United States accounts for less than 1% of all gun related deaths.  The American media sources will always lead with a mass murder, but rarely will a gang shooting make the evening news.   Many will say if it bleeds it leads, while true the US media will lead with the deaths that fit the story they are trying to tell.  Not all murder is created equal.

I promised your patiences would be rewarded, let’s come all the way back around to Illinois.  Specifically Chicago, where more people are violently murdered each year, than in all mass shootings that same year.  A string of killings in Chicago is business as usual, and is not newsworthy.  But should the same number of people be shot down in one location in a small suburban town it’s national news.  And with any gun crime on the national scene, be prepared for the gun control crowd to hit the airwaves before the names of the victims have even been released.

I commend the reporter for the Sun News for the objective look at a horrible crime in Canada.  Making an active decision to report on the incident, and refuse to identify the killer is unheard of in US new circles.  The outsiders comparison of US mass shootings when compared to gun violence in Chicago is something that would not be reported here in Illinois.