Concealed Carry

No Charges filed in first CCL shooting


Illinois the newest and last state to allow citizens to carry concealed weapons had it’s first concealed carry licensee involved shooting.   The homeowner was found to be in possession of a valid FOID card and Illinois concealed carry license or CCL.  There were no injuries, no property damage, and no charges filed.  No descriptions of assailants is available, besides one was “tall” and the other was “short”.

The criminals of Illinois, especially these two, have been put on notice.  The citizens of Illinois are not all going to stand by and become another statistic and victim to the armed criminal element.  Law abiding citizens of Illinois are becoming trained, background checked, and licenses to conceal their firearms in public.

Chicago Shooting Stats Illustrated

heyjackassToday I found my new favorite website about Chicago.  Hey Jackass [dot] com!  This beautiful responsive website puts a infographic spin on all kinds of shooting statistics from the city of Chicago.  The stats and figures seem to be quite up to date and well sourced from various City of Chicago and reputable new sources.



Noteworthy statistics include: Month-to-Date Shot & Killed, Shot & Wounded, Total Homicides.  Some stats that are little more fun:  Shot Placement by body part, and the Shot-in-the-Ass-O-Meter!  So if you find yourself wondering which ‘hoods in Chicago are the most dangerous wander over to Hey Jackass [dot] com.


Maybe you were wondering which month was the deadliest for Chicago residents last year?  Having an argument over how many Chicagoans have been shot in the hand this year, Hey Jackass [dot] com is the place to go.

Illinois CCW [dot] org for News Training and More

illinois-ccw-orgI’m sure many of you are just like me, and are trying to stay on the leading edge of news concerning our concealed carry rights here in Illinois.  I frequent a few sites to get my news, but I’ve added one to my list recently, Illinois CCW [dot] org.

Founded in 2012 to bring news and stir support for all opportunities to bring carry legislation, was the mission of Illinois CCW [dot] org.  With the support of the gun lobby, and gun owners of Illinois the legislation is in place, but as many know is yet a work in progress.  The contributors of Illinois CCW [dot] org are helping Illinois gun owners navigate the many barriers to entry in obtaining their concealed carry license.

As things on the gun rights playing field continue to evolve, Illinois CCW [dot] org will bring any changes to your attention.  Stay tuned to Illinois CCW [dot] org as they rally support for gun rights, and mount opposition to more restrictions on your right to carry in Illinois.


CCL Applicants Notified of Security Breach

ccl-revealedThe Illinois State Police notified some concealed carry (CCL) applicants via mail that their information may have been leaked to others.  Authorities mailed letter to those affected on March 4th of the breach that occurred on January 5th, the first day general public was allowed to apply via  the new website.

The early reports were that the information breach was widespread and all CCL applicants were to be notified, but in fact it was a few hundred.  An applicant who logged into the state police website to check the status of their application may have seen information other than theirs.  The breach did not seem to be malicious, but accidental in nature.

The website dedicated to concealed carry applications has worked well for the Illinois State Police.  This problem was identified quickly and the effect was minimized, but information was still exposed.  If you received a letter it’s up to you how to handle it, unfortunately it’s unknown how serious the problem really is going to be for these people.

They are in the mail, ISP says.


*UPDATE February 4, 2014:

Numerous accounts are hitting social media, and new outlets.  Permits are arriving in mailboxes.  Congratulations to the first batch of concealed carry permit holders.  Proponents are saying they thought this day would never come to Illinois, but the fight has been worth the effort.  Those opposed to the legislation worry for the safety of Illinoisans, and predict increase in gun related homicides.  Only time will tell, but legislation will prevent many from obtaining a permit, so the penetration will likely be low into Illinois.


Five Thousand Illinois citizens are so close to being able to carry a concealed weapon legally they can smell it.  The Illinois State Police have mailed the first batch of licenses today, Friday February 28, 2014.  The permits today account for about 10% of applications that have been submitted, so the work is far from done.  State police officials have said that just over 1000 people have been denied or have been delayed pending further review.

Those who have been denied have the option to have their application reviewed by a Quinn approved review board.  This board has up to thirty days to give a final yes or no to the applicant.  A more common problem are those applicants who have been flagged by local law enforcement, and are stuck in limbo waiting for correspondence from the ISP either via E-mail or postal mail.

If you have applied, we know you are checking the status often, and with high hopes of approval.  If you are an instructor you are waiting for your license to be approved so that you can continue your role as certified instructor.  A snag in an instructors application could mean they will lose instructor priviledges if not resolved in a timely manner.

If you are one of the lucky few, congrats!  If you are one of the others still waiting, waiting, waiting… Stay patient and diligent, the ISP is making notable progress toward YOUR license!