GOP Claims Win in Election Results

raunerAfter all the ballots are cast the  election results are in, well mostly.  The GOP has claimed a majority in the US Senate, and House.  Also Republican governors are set to take seats in some notoriously blue states, most notable to us, Illinois.  Bruce Rauner is claiming victory in the Illinois governors race, but incumbent Quinn refuses to admit defeat till all ballots cast in yesterdays election are counted.

While the democrats struggle to let go of the governors office, Illinois also gained some conservative seats in the US House, but Dick Durbin was reelected as Senator.

For Illinois gun owners having a conservative supporter of concealed carry in the governor’s mansion is a cause for excitement and relief.  Many in the Illinois legislature are anxious to make changes to Illinois newly implemented concealed carry law.  Not to mention there is a pending lawsuit against Illinois concerning it’s discrimination against certain non-residents and recognizing their concealed carry permits.

The coming months and years are sure to see new firearms related bills in the news, and gun owners of Illinois are a step ahead with Bruce Rauner in the governors chair.

Vote Illinois, Vote!

voteToday is the day that US citizens turn out to vote!  It may not be a presidential election year, but an important midterm election to many.  This includes Illinois, as supporters of the 2nd Amendment we stand to gain or lose a lot of ground today!  Today is the day we must stand and represent ourselves and our families right to self defense.

We hope that all Americans will vote, but we know many will not.  Don’t let your voice go unheard, please go punch a ballot, or touchscreen, whatever it takes.  If you haven’t registered to vote, and can’t vote today, register for the the election in 2016.  Don’t put off letting your voice be heard any longer.  Many have stood up for your right to vote, don’t let me go to waste.

A Day on the Range with Train Illinois

instructorsTim Giblin and the instructors with Train Illinois got me some much needed training this weekend. I took the Personal Gun Handling Low Round Count course at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, IL. This 8 hour course and it’s low round count is focused on those people carrying compact/subcompact single stack handguns.  Don’t let low round count fool you, ~275 rounds from your subcompact is plenty.

My instructors for the day were Tim Giblin and Al Kamp, their combined experience covers the gambut: law enforcement, military, and extensive firearms instruction. Tim and Al were both eager to teach in a relaxed, but safe environment. They recognize that everyone has their own style and preferences, and if safe accommodated everyone.

My day started by getting lost on my way to the World Shooting and Recreational Complex, and then getting lost once on the grounds. For anyone who has not been there it’s HUGE, but Tim promises to give better directions in the future. Our morning started off slow with everyone getting comfortable with some basics. We drilled on gripping the handgun, drawing from our holsters, magazine changes, and clearing malfunctions.

After lunch we built on the skills from the morning. We were acquiring multiple targets, shooting from behind cover, and shooting while walking. We did those exercises all while drawing from concealment, reloading on the fly, and trying to maintain a proper grip.

Tim concocted a final exercise to frustrate and annoy his students. Three magazines full of double feeds, failure to ejects, and failure to feeds to bring us near a halt. It was the longest 15 rounds I’ve ever shot from a handgun in my life.

At the end of the day we were all tired, my hand was sore, I was sunburnt, and I had a broken gun. Doesn’t sound like a very good day, but you’d be wrong. A day on the range with Tim and the instructors from Train Illinois is time well spent. If you just got your concealed carry license after 16 hours of training, you need checkout a course with Train Illinois.

Train Illinois is Training Me on May 4th


I’ve decided to get professional help, no it’s not what you’re thinking! I want to make the most of this new CCL I have, and be the best father and husband. That mean protecting my family, and I’m looking forward to working with the instructors at Train Illinois on May 4th to do just that.

The instructors at Train Illinois [dot] com are hosting a Personal Gun Handling course on May 4th in Sparta, IL. This course is tailored to sub-compact, compact, and revolvers holding as few as 5 rounds. So if you are ready to take the next step in your concealed carry training, consider signing up for this class. This class interests me for two reasons, shooting from a holster, and real life reloading. Most ranges won’t allow you to draw from your holster, for safety reasons. This is an esential skill for those of use who choose to carry a firearm.

I am looking forward to attending, and hope some of you might choose to join me in Sparta on May 4th. Remember train now, so when the worst happens, and you go to condition RED you fall back to how you train. Let’s all get trained now so we can avoid condition BLACK.

If you plan to attend be sure to go over to Train Illinois [dot] com and sign up to reserve your seat.  Also use the contact form to let me know and I’ll bring you a few a few items in the defent Illinois store.

Gun Owners March on Springfield – iGold 2014

iGold-2014Today estimates say 5000 Illinois gun owners marched in Springfield, IL for iGold.  This just days after the first licenses arrived in mailboxes across Illinois.  It’s assured that some of the first civilians carrying legal firearms are among those in attendance.  The theme of the gun rights supports being, we won the battle, but war isn’t over.

Last year  iGold represented a forward push for gun owners on their way to making Illinois the last state to allow citizens to obtain a license to carry.  Twenty fourteen is full of smiles, and an upbeat crowd of gun owners who want to keep the momentum going.  Illinois is still among the strictest states on gun control, and many want to regain their lost gun rights while the iron is still hot.

Legislators on both sides of the aisle have Illinois’ CCL law in their sights.  The left wants to make it harder to carry a gun, and further restrict who can obtain a license.  The right seeks to relax the restrictions where guns can be carried, and make licesnes more affordable for citizens to obtain.

The Illinois State Rifle association has organized another successful iGold event for it’s members and all gun owners of Illinois.