Illinois Gun Owners’ Lobby Day – March 5th

igoldIllinois gun owners are gathering in at the state capital on March 5, 2014 rallying to defeat gun control bills.  Illinois gun owners’ lobby day, or iGOLD, is an event organized by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA).  This years rally is focusing on what they are calling “pointless gun control bills”.  The ISRA is encouraging all Illinois gun owners to attend the event and show legislators that we are still here and show the strength behind protecting our rights to keep and bear arms.

What can you expect from this years iGOLD? The states largest gathering of gun owners and firearms enthusiasts.  Many will be sporting their gold shirts, hats, and signs showing what they stand for, and why they are there.  Motivated activists will meet with representatives, and encourage they to support our right to self defense.  Want to join the masses of Illinios firearms owners? Make your voice heard, and stand up against those who want to sacrifice your right to keep and bear arms.

Want to attend? iGOLD will kick off at the Prarie Capital Convention Center at 11:30AM, followed by a march to Capital for the 1:00PM rally.  While at the capital you are invited to attend lobbying sessions with your state representatives.  As the event draws to a close the closing rally is at 3:00PM in the Illinois State Capital Rotunda.  For more information visit the ISRA webpage.