Gun Owners March on Springfield – iGold 2014

iGold-2014Today estimates say 5000 Illinois gun owners marched in Springfield, IL for iGold.  This just days after the first licenses arrived in mailboxes across Illinois.  It’s assured that some of the first civilians carrying legal firearms are among those in attendance.  The theme of the gun rights supports being, we won the battle, but war isn’t over.

Last year  iGold represented a forward push for gun owners on their way to making Illinois the last state to allow citizens to obtain a license to carry.  Twenty fourteen is full of smiles, and an upbeat crowd of gun owners who want to keep the momentum going.  Illinois is still among the strictest states on gun control, and many want to regain their lost gun rights while the iron is still hot.

Legislators on both sides of the aisle have Illinois’ CCL law in their sights.  The left wants to make it harder to carry a gun, and further restrict who can obtain a license.  The right seeks to relax the restrictions where guns can be carried, and make licesnes more affordable for citizens to obtain.

The Illinois State Rifle association has organized another successful iGold event for it’s members and all gun owners of Illinois.

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