Illinois Being Sued for Over Restrictive Non-Resident CCL

lisa-madiganSecond Amendment Foundation, Illinois State Rifle Association, Illinois Carry, along with 10 out of state plaintiffs filed suit again Illinois.  The still new Illinois concealed carry license regulations unfairly discriminate against US citizens licensed to carry in their own state’s of residence.  The law states that the residents state’s regulations should be substantially similar to those of Illinois for recognition.  Only 4 other states have laws substantially similar to Illinois according to the Illinois State Police.

All of the defendants have qualified to carry a concealed weapon, including undergone numerous background checks.  Yet, since they live in a state whose laws don’t live up to those in Illinois, their right to self defense stops at the border.  We are talking about the border between two of the United States of America, not the border crossing between two sovereign nations.

The SAF is asking the courts for grant equal protection and due process for concealed carry holders without discrimination based on state of residence.  The state is using it’s strict concealed carry requirements to deny rights blindly with no other regard than where you live.

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