New Use for No Guns No Money cards!

no-guns-no-money-walmart While Walmart is no longer posting their confusing No Guns sign, they are offering them for sale.  I am not going to get into the legality of this sign, or how it compares to the state police approved sign.  I did kindly place a No Guns No Money card from defend Illinois [dot] com in the price tag holder.  This is a preemptive warning to a potential customer about to buy a No Guns sign.  I frequent this Walmart, and will check up on it just like I do the ammo shelves.

Does anyone else have alternative uses for the No Guns No Money cards?  Share them with the community.  Some Illinois gun owners are skipping the businesses who post the No Guns signs, but returning with their reciept from the competition.  Showing the business owners that they actually lost a sale will ring home for many.

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