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Illinois Carry

Illinois Carry

Illinois carry [dot] com is the best resource for Illinois right to carry news and updates.
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POSTED! Anti-Gun Directory

POSTED! Anti-Gun Directory

Crowdsourced directory of businesses who have posted No Guns signs. Fight back with your No Guns No Money cards!
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Your source for Illinois concealed carry news, training, gear, and more. Check out IllinoisCCW.org for up to date information.
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Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois State Rifle Association

Illininois firearms rights advocacy organization. Standing up for your 2nd Ammendment rights in Illinois.
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Chicago Mayor Proposes Gun Sale Restrictions

The city of Chicago is being forced to comply with the constitutional rights of it’s citizens, and allow gun sales within the city.  They have been given 180 to comply, and time will run out on July 14th.  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel today proposed new restrictions to replace the outright ban on gun sales.

The proposal includes the following prohibited places, and other restrictions on business engaging in gun sales:

  • 72 hour waiting period on handgun sales
  • 24 hour waiting period on rifle/shotgun sales
  • All employees to undergo background checks
  • All employees to be fingerprinted
  • All employees to be trained on identifying gun trafficking.
  • Store must have police approved gun/ammunition storage
  • Store must have police approved exterior lighting
  • Store must have police approved surveillance cameras/security system.
  • Quarterly inventory audits
  • All records available to police for inspection
  • No sales within 500 feet of schools
  • No sales within 500 feet of public parks
  • Limit sales to one per month per person
  • Require videotape of all purchases

While some of these proposed ordinances are fairly benign, others are obviously meant to deter business not crime.  While keeping illegal guns off the streets of Chicago is a real problem, the city wants to keep gun out of the hands of the law abiding masses as well.

Surveying data of the city shows that 99.5% of the city is within 500 feet of a public park or school, leaving only 0.5% available for future firearms retailers.  To further limit business owners, much of the 0.5% is not zoned for commercial use, all but banning gun sales.  The city is sending a clear message, the courts have ruled, but we don’t want legal guns sold in our city.

Illinois State Rifle Association has made it known that a lawsuit and further legal battle with the City of Chicago is a real possibility.  A vote on the proposed restrictions on gun sales has yet to be scheduled.

Chicago’s been limiting the rights of the citizens for years, ordinance by ordinance they are falling.  The fight for freedom is never easy whether that fight is on foreign soil, or here at home.


April Giveaway Winners!

ret     tanneriteI apologize for not announcing the winners sooner, but I didn’t want to until I had a chance to contact them.  Congratulations to Scott from Alton, IL the winner of the Alien Gear holster!  The Tannerite Exploding Targets were won by Richard from Elgin, IL.

I want to thank them for their support of Illinois gun owners, and everyone else who purchase pro-self defense material from defend Illinois [dot] com in April.

I hope Scott and Richard enjoy their prizes, and put them to good use.  Now that you know you didn’t win the Alien Gear holster I hope you’ll head over there and buy one for yourself.  You won’t be disappointed once you get it and get it all broken in.  If you missed my review of my Alien Gear holster, check it out for all the details.

A Day on the Range with Train Illinois

instructorsTim Giblin and the instructors with Train Illinois got me some much needed training this weekend. I took the Personal Gun Handling Low Round Count course at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta, IL. This 8 hour course and it’s low round count is focused on those people carrying compact/subcompact single stack handguns.  Don’t let low round count fool you, ~275 rounds from your subcompact is plenty.

My instructors for the day were Tim Giblin and Al Kamp, their combined experience covers the gambut: law enforcement, military, and extensive firearms instruction. Tim and Al were both eager to teach in a relaxed, but safe environment. They recognize that everyone has their own style and preferences, and if safe accommodated everyone.

My day started by getting lost on my way to the World Shooting and Recreational Complex, and then getting lost once on the grounds. For anyone who has not been there it’s HUGE, but Tim promises to give better directions in the future. Our morning started off slow with everyone getting comfortable with some basics. We drilled on gripping the handgun, drawing from our holsters, magazine changes, and clearing malfunctions.

After lunch we built on the skills from the morning. We were acquiring multiple targets, shooting from behind cover, and shooting while walking. We did those exercises all while drawing from concealment, reloading on the fly, and trying to maintain a proper grip.

Tim concocted a final exercise to frustrate and annoy his students. Three magazines full of double feeds, failure to ejects, and failure to feeds to bring us near a halt. It was the longest 15 rounds I’ve ever shot from a handgun in my life.

At the end of the day we were all tired, my hand was sore, I was sunburnt, and I had a broken gun. Doesn’t sound like a very good day, but you’d be wrong. A day on the range with Tim and the instructors from Train Illinois is time well spent. If you just got your concealed carry license after 16 hours of training, you need checkout a course with Train Illinois.

Train Illinois is Training Me on May 4th


I’ve decided to get professional help, no it’s not what you’re thinking! I want to make the most of this new CCL I have, and be the best father and husband. That mean protecting my family, and I’m looking forward to working with the instructors at Train Illinois on May 4th to do just that.

The instructors at Train Illinois [dot] com are hosting a Personal Gun Handling course on May 4th in Sparta, IL. This course is tailored to sub-compact, compact, and revolvers holding as few as 5 rounds. So if you are ready to take the next step in your concealed carry training, consider signing up for this class. This class interests me for two reasons, shooting from a holster, and real life reloading. Most ranges won’t allow you to draw from your holster, for safety reasons. This is an esential skill for those of use who choose to carry a firearm.

I am looking forward to attending, and hope some of you might choose to join me in Sparta on May 4th. Remember train now, so when the worst happens, and you go to condition RED you fall back to how you train. Let’s all get trained now so we can avoid condition BLACK.

If you plan to attend be sure to go over to Train Illinois [dot] com and sign up to reserve your seat.  Also use the contact form to let me know and I’ll bring you a few a few items in the defent Illinois store.

Chicago Police Cooking the Books on Crime Rates


For decades crime in Chicago has been a problem, at times out of control.  The political pressure has grown on gun control and it’s contribution to the problem.  All while police budgets have swelled to all time highs, the city is spending more taxpayer dollars on police enforcement than other US cities it’s size.  All while the results are less than stellar, and crime continues to rise.

There has been pressure to show that the cities money has been well spent, and the strictest gun laws in the country have worked.  But how to prove to your city, state, and everyone else watching from outside?  Statistics, hard facts, and FBI reports will give the politicians under fire all the talking points they need.  The problem being the numbers, facts, and statistics are not on their side.

In 2011 the city set out to change all of that, a new mayor was elected.  Rahm Emanuel politically stood for all the same things that is predecessor Richard Daley held dear.  Emanuel, in one of his first actions as mayor, brought in Garry McCarty as the police superintendent of Chicago.

In his first year as superintendent McCarthy was along for the ride of 507 murders, the most in the city since 2008.  This performance of the Chicago police lead to approval ratings to plummet, not just for McCarthy, but also the mayor.

McCarthy saw the writing on the wall, Chicago has a real problem with gangs, and overall crime.  All the gun restrictions in place, millions of dollars spent on police, and McCarthy’s best efforts  didn’t even slow it down.  They had to make a change!

December 2013, Rahm Emanuel and Garry McCarthy called a joint press conference in front of every major media outlet, and the eyes of millions.  They had changed the tide, the city was on track to have the lowest murder rate since 1967.

While this came as great news to the people of Chicago, and the news media at large, the inspector generals office thought it may be to good to be true.  The office completed it’s audit finding that, “the department under-counted aggravated assaults and batteries by more than 24 percent, based on the sample cases reviewed.”  Upon independant investigation by local media, numerous murders had been classified as death investigations, non criminal incidents, and other minor crimes.

Police officers and investigators were interviewed, while many refused several choose to speak out.  Cases that they had worked, and evern been the lead investigator on, were reclassified.  While the cases were initially violent crime or even murder, they were pressured by supervisors to reclassified their incident reports.  Reports were later found to be changed, and reclassified by someone other than the lead investigator, but by some magic force able to make cases disappear.

The story of one family involves a fight with the police department over their daughter’s, “death investigation”.  The family was unable to collect the life insurance to pay for the funeral and burial of their daughter.  The insurance company will not payout to a death investigation due to the possibility of suicide as the cause of death.  The police department refused to reopen the case, or clarify the murder of the victim.

While Mayor Emanuel and Superintendent McCarthy have accomplished their goal of reducing crime statistics in Chicago.  The numbers of murder and other violent crime continue in real life.  The immeasurable political power in Chicago has cooked the books in order to deceive the people.