Peoria Avoids ISRA Lawsuit

peoria-city-councilPeoria city council avoided a possible lawsuit from the Illinois State Rifle Association.  Peoria had previously enacted a requirement that all handgun purchasers would be required to submit a thumbprint and signature to the seller and in turn law enforcement.  This requirement would go against certain parameters of the recent Illinois concealed carry legislation still taking hold in Illinois.

This put the ISRA lawsuit  in motion preparing legal recourse against this city ordinance.  Defendants were lined up, briefs were prepared, all before city attorneys advised the council.  Pressured by gun owners in Peoria, and threat of an expensive lawsuit, led council members to rethink the ordinance.

They voted to repeal the entire section containing the thumbprint requirement, which also further restricted handgun owners, and required redundant paperwork.  Ultimately Peoria gun owners voices were heard, and freedoms left intact after democracy took it’s course.

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