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This two sided high quality business card puts business owners on notice with Illinois gun owners.

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This two sided  business card puts business owners on notice with Illinois gun owners.  The No Guns No Money cards gently explain why business owners should allow law abiding citizens to carry their concealed handguns into their stores, restaurants, or businesses.

The front of the card seeks to not offend a potential anti-gun business owner, showing him a familiar image of a gun with a red slash.  This well known image is centered between the large text reading: “NO GUNS”.  The lower third begins the dialog, reading: “I saw your sign, and had to leave your business.  Turn over to learn why you should remove your sign.”

The reverse side reinforces the mental image of a customer leaving his place of business with a stack of $100 bills and the same red slash.  This non-wallet friendly image is surrounded by the large test: “NO MONEY”.  Left of the graphic reads: “Your sign turns away law abiding citizens.  Your sign is bad for your business.  Your sign does NOT deter criminals.”  While the right side reflects on gun owners, reading: “State law requires that: I am NOT a felon, I am 21+ years of age and background checked, I am certified in firearm use, and applicable laws.  Finally, the cards poses a final question: How much do you know about your OTHER customers?”

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Dimensions 2 x 3.5 x .0257 in


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