Rahm Gets Restrictions on Gun Sales for Chicago

rahm-gun-salesRahm Emanuel’s proposed restrictions on gun sales in Chicago get approved unanimously without alteration.  Yesterday the city coucil ratified the laws which will all but eliminate gun sales in Chicago.  The restrictions include limiting sales to one per person per month, and no sales within 500 feet of a school or park.

One of the most visual restrictions is the requirement that all sales be video recorded, in an effort to prevent straw purchases.  Just watch your evening news, you’ll see crimes being committed on video tape.  The chances of a straw purchaser being intimidated by a video camera, are slim to none.  Chicago has long banned the sale of guns within the confines of the city, but gun violence remains.

Allowing the sale of legal weapons to law abiding citizens of Chicago should not be the concern.  Allowing the gangs to continue to profit from the trafficing of illegal guns should be a primary objective.

The laundry list of restrictions that have been enacted will certainly limit the number of firearms retailers to a mere few.  Chicago’s problem with violence in general is largely a result of the lower income residents, and the street gangs in some neighborhoods.

The hope is for Chicago residents to be able to obtain firearms, training, and the ability to protect themselves and their families.  The politicians and police in Chicago are not getting the job done, so it’s up to the residents to protect their right to life here in the United States.

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