Train Illinois is Training Me on May 4th


I’ve decided to get professional help, no it’s not what you’re thinking! I want to make the most of this new CCL I have, and be the best father and husband. That mean protecting my family, and I’m looking forward to working with the instructors at Train Illinois on May 4th to do just that.

The instructors at Train Illinois [dot] com are hosting a Personal Gun Handling course on May 4th in Sparta, IL. This course is tailored to sub-compact, compact, and revolvers holding as few as 5 rounds. So if you are ready to take the next step in your concealed carry training, consider signing up for this class. This class interests me for two reasons, shooting from a holster, and real life reloading. Most ranges won’t allow you to draw from your holster, for safety reasons. This is an esential skill for those of use who choose to carry a firearm.

I am looking forward to attending, and hope some of you might choose to join me in Sparta on May 4th. Remember train now, so when the worst happens, and you go to condition RED you fall back to how you train. Let’s all get trained now so we can avoid condition BLACK.

If you plan to attend be sure to go over to Train Illinois [dot] com and sign up to reserve your seat. ¬†Also use the contact form to let me know and I’ll bring you a few a few items in the defent Illinois store.

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